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Songs from June 2018

Song of the Month

Flying Indian Waltz

Tunes Played This Month:

Key of D – Some patriotic tunes for upcoming 4th of July and songs of America

  1. America (My County Tis of Thee)
  2. America, the Beautiful
  3. 8th of January (Battle of New Orleans)
  4. Alabama Waltz
  5. Chester
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Lincoln and Liberty (tune is old Rosin the Bow)
  8. Mary and the Soldier
  9. Okeechobee Spanish Grass
  10. Old Folks at Home
  11. On the Road to Boston
  12. Red River Valley
  13. Red Wing
  14. The Sloop John B
  15. Yankee Doodle

Key of G (DGD tuning)

  1. Angel Band
  2. Barlow Knife
  3. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
  4. Big Scioty
  5. Black Eyed Susie
  6. Butcher’s Gap
  7. Colinda
  8. Elk River Blues
  9. Flop Eared Mule
  10. Green Corn