Links You’ll Like

Palestine Old Time Music and Dulcimer Festival
A festival with a “laid back attitude” and “really great music”.

Peggy Carter Music
If you just love to listen to dulcimer music, or if you want to learn to play the dulcimer, youÓ¶e come to the right place.

Hearts of the Dulcimer

Tull Glazener Free Dulcimer Tab Archive
Performer – Workshop Instructor – Concerts – Free Tab Archive is a member supported collection of demonstration videos of folk fiddle music from a variety of genres. Old-Time, Bluegrass, New England, Irish, French Canadian, Cape Breton, Scottish and Scandinavian tunes and styles will for the bulk of the content to be found here.

The Old-Time Jam
The primary feature of this website is the old-time machine (the music player on the home page of the website), an ever expanding repository of old-time backup tracks for many of your favorite old time tunes, recorded with real live old timey instruments.

Jay Buckey Music
Free Sheet Music, Tablature and Play-along mp3’s …for Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle (and Fiddle Tablature), Guitar, Mandolin and now, the Harp Guitar and Harp Ukulele!

Showman Family
There’s lots of good stuff on this page in the Music Section including tunes and mid files for play-alongs practice. The Tune Lists page has lists for starting many of the tunes we play so if you have questions about starting a piece in a jam, check this list. Fiddlers and mandolin players, check the Theory for Fiddlers page.